3 Ways To Tell if He's Into You, After Your First Date


There's nothing like going on a first date with a guy you like, feeling a connection, and wondering what will happen next. Anticipation in the early days of a relationship is one of the most enjoyable parts. But how can you tell what he's thinking, and whether he's into you too? Here are three signs a guy is into you, after a first date.

  1. He Takes You Home

Ideally you both had an amazing time, and as the date is drawing to a close, he attempts to spend more time with you. Maybe he suggests another drink, or better yet that he asks to drop you home. A clear sign that a guy is into you is when he plays by the rules and is a gentleman. Obviously, if a guy isn't into you, he should still be a gentleman at all times. But taking you home and to your door is a sure way to impress you and let you know that he's happy to go out of his way to make an effort.

  1. He Makes Sure You're Safe in Bed (without trying to climb into bed with you)

Another way to know he's still thinking about you after your date is when he checks in to see if you got home safely. It's a small gesture but one women appreciate as it demonstrates care, and attention to you.

  1. He Texts to Feel Out if You Want To See Him Again

First dates can be ambiguous and sometimes a guy wants to first figure out whether you had a great time, before asking you out for a second date. If he's at all analytical, risk adverse, or even just socially aware, he's probably waiting for signals from you first before diving in to set up a second rendezvous.

So maybe he sends you some witty banter, referencing something you spoke about on your date, or texts to see how the rest of your week is going. If he's in touch with you after a first date with any kind of chat, generally its because he wants to see you again and is testing the water to see what your reaction would be. At this point, if you want to see him again, let him know how much fun you had.

One last thing, more important than trying to figure out if he's into you after a first date is: are you into him?